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    Artificial Intelligence and how does owliphy use it for recruiting and job search?

    Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a very promising trend in industry. It covers intensively more and more fields. Human Resources (HR) recruiting is not an exception. But it doesn't mean that the robotics will take a place of a human recruiter. Absolutely, no. In reality, an integration of AI into a recruitment process is primarily focused on  easier and quicker recruiting and hiring  an ideal candidate. On the other hand, job-seekers benefit a lot from AI too. The system automatically screens an applicant`s curriculum vitae (CV) and matches it with the most relevant vacancies. 
    What is owliphy?
    owliphy is located in the multi-national and business-focused city Duesseldorf. It was developed with a passion to enable career success for everyone by young professionals with an experience in IT and HR branches. The platform offers different modern software solutions empowered by AI for both HR-specialists and job-seekers in IT field. Core services of the platform are posting jobs and searching for jobs.
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    Jobs in Germany for specialists with IT-degrees - easy!

    It is not so difficult to move legally to Germany for a work if you have a degree in information technology. The best way is to find a suitable IT-job and to obtain a residence and work permit, which is called in German Blaue Karte. This residence permit is intended for non-EU professionals. 

    Requirements for obtaining Blaue Karte:
    • recognized degree. You can find out whether your degree is recognized in Germany on the official foreign education portal anabin.
    • a job contract from a German company. The contract must specify the amount of the salary. In March 2019, it should be at least 41.808 € per year for IT professionals.
    More information about Blaue Karte can be found on the official website of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.