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> Artificial Intelligence and how does clusterjobs use it for recruiting and job search?

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a very promising trend in the industry. It covers intensively more and more fields. Human Resources (HR) recruiting is not an exception. But it doesn't mean that the robotics will take place of a human recruiter. Absolutely, no. In reality, the integration of AI into a recruitment process is primarily focused on easier and quicker recruiting and hiring an ideal candidate. On the other hand, job-seekers benefit a lot from AI too. The system automatically screens an applicant`s curriculum vitae (CV) and matches it with the most relevant vacancies.
What is clusterjobs?
clusterjobs is located in the multi-national and business-focused city Duesseldorf. It was developed with a passion to enable career success for everyone by young professionals with experience in IT and HR branches. The platform offers different modern software solutions empowered by AI for both HR-specialists and job-seekers in the IT field. Core Services of the platform are posting jobs and searching for jobs.
How does clusterjobs use AI?
clusterjobs`s AI algorithms match CVs with the most suitable vacancies. The matching process based on different factors provides the most personalized results. Algorithms aim to reduce time-consuming activities like manually screening resumes and to hire the best candidate for a company.  In other words, it helps recruiters to automate a selection process, to respond quicker to candidates and to reduce never-ended paper piles on their tables. Applicants have a great advantage from the AI-system as well. The matching process highlights a person's talents and reduces human bias. Also, it helps to find easily the best vacancy for information technologies (IT) specialists, data scientists, and other tech employees.

A free-search is an important component of the AI-system. It provides applicants the possibility to search for a job using various keywords at once and to get optimized results.

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