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> Homeoffice: freedom with discipline

The Internet makes it possible to bring the office to your home. For many office goers, it feels like heaven when they work from home. Because it gives enormous freedom to the working people.

Plus, the companies also can get rid of overhead costs such as electricity, water, infrastructure and so on. So, as far as the work is done perfectly no one cares about where you work. All they need is whether the quality work is delivered on time or not. 

However, every coin has two sides, telecommuting is also not an exemption. 

The home office gives complete freedom, but freedom without discipline can put you as well as the company at the risk of underperformance. 

Freedom with extensive discipline alone can make you more productive in work from home jobs. 

Let’s have a look at the benefits and problems associated with home office jobs. And best practices to overcome the problems and maximize the benefits of a home office.

Benefits in work from home jobs

No waste of time in commute

Generally, it’s a waste of time to take up the transport and reach the office to work. Also, It’s stressful to travel during peak hours of traffic. Especially, If your work location is too far from your home then you may end up with tiredness due to long travel.

Fortunately, the home office frees yourself from the tiresome and stressful commute to the work location. In fact, you don’t need to spend even one minute in commuting. You can put those valuable time in productive work.


You will have the flexibility to work wherever you want, whenever you want. No one will be there to judge your productivity or sincerity towards your work based on your work style. 

Unlike in-office, you can sit on the couch or bed or sofa to do your work. It gives a comfortable and pleasant feeling to work in the desired spot. 

Additionally, when you don’t feel like working you can stop it for a while and resume working whenever you feel like working. 

Only, work from home jobs can give you these merits to you.

No co-worker distraction

There will be no co-workers with you so no excited arguments about news, celebrations, cinema and more. So, nothing will be there to distract you when you are dwelling deep on your work. You can do your work till you lose the focus and decide to take a break.

Be with loved ones and work

Home offices make it possible to balance work, family, and friends. You can do your work at the same time, you can spend some time with your friends and family. 

You can even work in a hotel lobby when you enjoy your vacation with your loved ones!

Dress the way you want

You can wear any dress you are comfortable with. If you feel like working in your jammies then you can go ahead with that in your home office. I swear this will not be the case in your official office.

Space for personal works

You can take care of your personal works here and there. Paying bills, a short visit to spiritual places or cafe, cleaning up the home, clothes and so on

Saves money

Usually, home offices save your money spent on travel, plus, your homemade food can save your money as well as health.

Take care of your children

The home office is heavenly for young mothers as they can work and take care of their children. Plus, it saves the money spent on playschools. 

And also, if somebody is sick in the home and needs care then work from home is an amazing opportunity to take care of them.


There is a piece of good news for society, home offices can potentially reduce pollution due to commute to the office.

A power nap

Most people feel so tired post-lunch. A 20 minutes power nap after lunch can give a boost in energy to make you more productive for the next half of the day.

Problems of home office

Not leaving office

When you work from home you are not leaving your office anymore. You might stick to your table for so long. 

Missing the schedule

It’s easy to create a schedule. But difficult to follow when you have your family and friends revolving around your home office.

Missing important messages

When you go out for a short break you may miss an emergency mail or call. It can probably put you and peers in trouble.

Taking long breaks

It’s good to take breaks but if you take a break for more than 20 minutes then it may affect your productivity. Taking more breaks and spending time in ordering or preparing a coffee than working is a common problem with teleworkers.

A power nap

A power nap is the best way to boost your productivity. But what if you take the power nap for more than 2 hours?. It may make you miss important works planned for that day.

Waiting time for response

Home offices save commute time. At the same time, it increases the waiting time for answers or support from peers. This is the most common problem in home offices.

No monitoring

There is nobody to monitor you. So, there will be no sense of urgency to complete your work until the last minute. So, you may work very slowly in the beginning when you have enough time to complete work, then at the last minute, you may feel the tremendous stress to finish the work hurry-burly. It may result in a delay in the deliverables or poor quality of work.


You can’t spend all day long with your home office desk without seeing new faces. You may get bored.

Discipline to extreme productivity

There are a few problems with home offices but there are a lot of benefits as well. So, here are some tips to discipline yourself in the home office to overcome the problem and produce extreme productivity

1. Plan your day

Spend at least 15 minutes in the night before sleep or in the morning before you start your workday to plan your complete day.  All you have to do is

  • Have a notebook/diary
  • Write down all your tasks to be done on that day
  • Prioritize the tasks
  • Prepare the schedule for individual tasks and short breaks
  • Sort the tasks based on time slots

This will give you the complete workflow of that particular day.

2. Stick to the schedule

The first and foremost principle you should follow in your home office is sticking to the schedule. Its really easy to have a schedule but if you don’t stick to the schedule then what is the purpose of creating it?

To keep the work from home life enthusiastic you can reward yourself after completing each hour productively with some small gifts such as hearing your favourite song for 5 minutes, drinking coffee/tea, eating a bar of chocolate, cookies, etc

3. Dress up for productivity

No one is going to see you in your home office. Yes, you can work with your jammies. But still professional attire keeps you the sense of work mode. Many studies proved that you bring the characteristics and mood based on what you wear.

So, consider wearing a professional outfit. You will be ready to create a more productive day!

4. Have a clean, bright & dedicated home office

And also it’s advisable not to work in your bedroom or living room. The former can tempt you to sleep and the later will have a plethora of distractions.

So, set up a clean, bright and dedicated home office to work. The dull room may make you feel lazy.

5. Don’t let your friends and family disturb you while you are working

Working in your home office with your friends and family is the best idea to ruin your productivity.
You can’t avoid distractions when your friends and family members revolve around you. This will definitely affect your productivity.

So, separate yourself from them when you are working. Complete your work then have a good time with family.

Always balance between personal and professional obligations.

6. Upskill yourself

When you work in the office, you get a chance to see your colleges and know the industry trend and you can upgrade yourself. But when you work in the home, you may not be aware of what is trending skill which you want to upgrade in order to stay competitive. Always stay ahead of the competition and upgrade yourself by spending at least an hour of time in skill development.

Also, too much of anything is good for nothing. So, don’t spend all your time learning a new skill. Have a strict schedule for study time as well. Because you must complete what is important today.

7. Show up at the office

When you show up at the office for at least once a week, you can get the inputs, documents, ideas required for the next week from your colleges. And you can have a personal touch with your colleagues. Plus, you can get rid of the boredom caused by the home office.

8. Stop working 

It’s true that you will never leave the office when you work from home. This can influence you to work for so long. If you stay very late today to do the work then the next day you may get so tired and lose interest to work. Productivity has to be shown in all working days. There should not be any fluctuations. So, follow the schedule to work as well as rest.

In fact, you should have at least 8 hours of sleep to stay healthy. Remember, your health is more important than anything in the world.

9. Don’t miss emergency calls

Use different modes of communication to stay connected. Have your channel with you always check the medium once in an hour. So that you can typically reply back within an hour.

10. Have many mediums to reach your peers 

To reduce the waiting time for your peer’s answer you can try to contact them via different channels. You can call them, if it went unanswered you can leave a message or mail. This way one or the other channel can get you to them.

11. Take care of your health

Get up from your desk after every one hour from work and have a good stretch. Don’t work in a bean bag or bed they can seem cool while working. But it may result in heavy back pain in the long run. So sit on a comfortable chair and use the table to rest your wrist this way you can avoid neck and shoulder pain.

We all work to have a happy life. So don’t forget the purpose of working and lose your health.

We hope you got the knowledge of the pros and cons of home office and discipline towards the home office for extreme productivity. 

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