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> How can you successfully get a new job?

If you are on a mission to get a job in Germany, then this is the article that can give a complete idea of the hiring process in Germany as well as direction to nail in each process. 
The job hunt process starts with an online job application, then HR interview, after that technical interview, finally an onsite interview.

Once you read it till the end, you will never feel that finding a job in Germany is difficult.
Let’s get started!

Online application

In this internet era, it’s ultra-simple for you to submit a job application online.  Indeed, you can apply for countless jobs available online with just a few clicks.

Plus, you can explore a plethora of job offers in Germany. Then you can select specific jobs which align with your expectations such as a good salary, job from reputed companies, a job which matches your skillset, location and so on.

Best practices to applying for a job online

  1. Have your updated CV handy.
  2. Read the job description and other details twice and If you meet the eligibility criteria then apply for it.
  3. The job portals make it easier for the recruiter to find your application based on the details given by you. So, fill all the details in the job application form and express all your skills in it. It can give better visibility to your job application/profile. 
  4. Hope for the best and wait calmly for further communication from HR.

HR interview 

If your resume got shortlisted then you will have an HR interview. You might have a short discussion over the phone or video chat with HR. All you have to do is shortly explain to them your skills & expertise with your crisp and impressive answers. 

Remember, when you meet them in person, be consistent with what you have just told on the telephonic interview.

Best practices to nail HR Interview

  • Positive mindset

When comes to HR interview there is a general misunderstanding that “HR conducts the interview to reject the candidate”. But that is not true. 

The objective of HR is to select the right candidate. The positive mindset about the interview helps you to reduce nervousness and perform well.

  • Be prepared for the basic questions

Most of the interviews start with the question, “Can you tell me about yourself?”. It may seem so simple but this is what the base for the rest of your interview. So, think through, writedown and practice the answer thoroughly.

Plus, be prepared for the other general questions you can expect from any HR interview. For example,

What are all your strengths & weaknesses?

Why should I hire you?

Why do you want to join our company?

Why are you leaving your current company?

  • Keep your questions ready to ask

An interview is a tool for both HR and Candidate to get the right person on the right job.

For HR, the interview is a platform to find out whether the interviewee is the right fit for the firm or not. Similarly, For a candidate, the interview is the platform to find out whether the firm is suitable for him/her or not. However, only the former is taken for consideration, the latter is often ignored.

It's definitely important for a candidate to understand the culture, company policies, procedures, and job description before joining the company. You can stay successful in the organization, only when the organization’s requirements and your skills and interests are in sync.

This is the purpose of HR interviews. So, use this interview to get complete clarity about the firm & your role in it.

You can raise your questions about the company culture, employee benefits, relocation benefits, growth, salary, learning opportunities and more.

Technical Interview

Technical interviews are to assess whether the candidate has the knowledge to work for a specific job or not. 

Generally, technical interviews are a nightmare for many candidates. Indeed, it’s easier than you think. Regular practice on your technical skills can make it much easier.

Pro tips to successful technical  interview

  • Be strong with the fundamentals

Most of the technical interviews start with very basic technical questions. Make sure that you are prepared for the basic technical questions. 

If you miss answering the very basic questions itself, how can the interviewer hire you?

Alternatively, your initial performance can boost up your confidence and help you to get think patiently for the next level of complex questions.

  • Don’t stick with one answer

Technical interviews will be testing your problem-solving ability. Be it programming or any other non-coding technical interview, solve the given problem in many ways and find multiple solutions.

Don’t restrict with one answer. Come up with multiple answers that can exhibit your expertise in solving a problem from multiple dimensions and the deeper level of knowledge in your technical area. 

  • Communicate your expertise

You may have strong technical knowledge but it’s important to communicate it to the interviewer. 
Try attempting a mock interview session with your friends, colleagues or anyone with whom you are comfortable. 

“Practice makes the man perfect” so practice a lot and surprise the interviewer with your crystal clear answers. 

  • Tell them your previous relevant experience

When appropriate, you can tell the interviewer about the project which you have worked in. And also, relevant experience on required skills can put you a notch up of the competition. 

The tricky part here is, you can navigate the interviewer to the questions you want to answer ;)

Onsite Interview

After successfully qualifying a technical interview you will be called for an onsite interview. You have to come and attend the interview in Germany. 

When the candidate is called for an onsite interview, the craving to get a High salary job in a dream company that too in Germany gives tremendous stress to the candidate. And it provokes the fear of failure as wel
If you are in this situation, remember that you have done exceptionally well to make it till here. Don’t doubt yourself. You will breeze through this as well.

With all the confidence, contact your employer and gather all the important details such as travel expenses, company policy, which person to contact and more. 
The terms and conditions differ for different companies. So it’s better to know the terms before leaving your home country.

Here are some quick tips to excel in your onsite interview

  1. It starts with a well-planned journey. Prepare for the journey to Germany well in advance. 
  2. Keep all the documents ready with you. Produce it when necessary.
  3. Recall the history of the company.
  4. Stay calm and confident. Get quality sleep on the day before the day of the interview.
  5. Wear suitable professional attire for the interview.
  6. Reach the destination 15-30 minutes ahead of the interview schedule.
  7. Perform well in the interview.
  8. Leave a thank you email after the interview. is the best job portal in Germany which makes the job hunt a breeze. Whether you are in your home country or in Germany,   clusterjobs can get you a new job in Germany
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