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> The basic guide: how to get promoted?

Most of us work extremely hard, all in the hope that it will be paid off one day. We wish that our superiors would just notice our efficiency and skills and give us the promotion we have always dreamt of. Well, we would all love to take that promotion one day. It basically means that there will be a raise in our salaries, stature, power, and more responsibility in the company. But the main question still remains, how to get your seniors to notice you? Because this is the only way that you can actually get the promotion you have always fantasized about.

Obviously, the decision is to be made by the company you are working in, but there are a few simple strategies offered by that you can follow in order to increase your chances in comparison to all the competitors. There are various things that you can do in order to secure your promotion chances. In order to help you out, we have mentioned down below. These are surely going to help you to step up on your career ladder and climb towards achieving success.

Qualities that you need to have to get the promotion

You wanting the promotion is surely not a reason enough for you to get promoted. You need to exhibit the qualities that are worth receiving the promotion. Start with acting like you are worthy of the position that you are expecting to work at. Here are some of the qualities that you should have in order to be considered for the promotion.

Be really good at your job

There is no benefit of doing anything if you are not performing above average at the job that you are working at. It is only possible for you to get promoted if you actually are good at what you do. You need not be overconfident as just being good at your job is not all that is being expected of you. This just means that you are working fine at the current position that you are in charge of. In order to be given larger responsibilities, you have to show that you will be able to manage even bigger job positions. You need to demonstrate that you are ready to take greater job responsibilities.

Show that you will be able to develop yourself

The difference between an employee who is staying in the same role and the one who is moving up the ladder is not of the performance, but the potential. It is seen that a person who is performing high in their jobs will have the same review year after year. They will be mentioned with similar strengths and weaknesses always. On the other hand, the employee who is said to have the higher potential not just only prove their capabilities in their present role, but also show that there is always a scope of improvement in them.

This simply means that they are ready to take up the new role and also will be able to learn new skills. The people with high potential will always be ready to accept feedback from others and will overcome their weaknesses. It means that they can simply learn and always beat their previous selves over time. You need to do all of these things in order to display your passion for growth instead of remaining in the same place for years. This is simply how you need to portray yourself to be seen among the high potential employees rather than just being a high performing one.

You are a team player

Teamwork is another major aspect that you need to cover in order to show them that you are ready for the promotion. A leading position means that you will have to interact with a lot more people than before, and you will have to establish relationships with all of them. The promotion is not just your boss's decision but in many case opinions and feedbacks on other matters as well. You do not need any enemies in the office; you will have to have people on your side 

if you need that raise you are praying for. Just make it simple and be a team player. You need to treat everyone properly with respect. Also, you must be aware of how you present yourself in front of others. Stay calm and do not at all get frustrated, we understand that blowing some off when you are frustrated might feel good at the moment, but it will eventually kill your chances to work your way up the ladder. You need to have strong relationships with people across the office and do not forget your team working skills, as these two things are mainly going to help you out.

Look at the bigger picture

Your promotion simply means that you will be given a bigger responsibility and role in the company that you are working for. The better way to get the promotion is to ditch your day to day thinking and to start thinking strategically about how to help the organization with your efforts. This simply means that you need to have proper knowledge about the business and also the role that you are playing in the growth of the company. 

You must also know about the department that you work for. This will help you come on more précised and thought about decisions, and you will be able to give some kind of suggestions to your superiors as well. This gesture of yours will also display your understanding of the company and the way about how it works. You need to act in a way that simply exemplifies your behaviour. 

You need to be a “Yes” person

You need to understand that this does not at all mean that you should simply agree with whatever your boss says. In fact, sometimes disagreeing on the required matters will do wonders for your career. This sentence means that you always need to say yes to every opportunity that you are offered and the expansion of your role in the company. You can always look forward to any group in the company or any lean team that is short of members. Also, you can be part of a pilot within the company. Whenever it seems possible, you always need to agree when it means that, in the end, you will be provided with an improved and expanded scope.

Make sure to make a smart list of all the priorities that you have. You can also take on some extra roles, responsibilities, or even projects that are not a part of your core role. This will be proof in front of your bosses that you can easily handle a job bigger than your present one. Also, this will help you to build stronger bonds with the people working in the same organization like yours.

You will have to listen

Most of the people believe that it is better to dominate any conversation that you are part of as it proves that you have some sort of leadership qualities. But this thing is nothing more than just a mere misconception. In fact, the exact opposite of this statement is absolutely true. If you listen to what others have to say, it will provide you with a room for improvement and will also help in the formation of great relationships with your colleagues. You never know what wonders it can do to your strategic capabilities only if you listen actively. Well, and good if you already are an active listener, but if you are not, you need to develop this strength in yourself. You also need to make sure to not only listen but to actively participating in the team conversations without dominating them.

You need to be clear about what you say and how you say it

It is well known that language and communication play an immensely important role in everyone's life. Language matters a lot when you are talking to someone. It provides them with an idea about what you are and how to behave with people and also sometimes leaves a clue about your abilities as well.  Basically, your language and communication skills to speak a lot about who you are. 

It basically is imperative and can really help you in bagging that promotion you were waiting for. Also, not only the things you say but the way you say it matters a lot as well. Make sure to keep these things in mind next time you are having a conversation with everyone. This thing will not only help you in your professional life, but you can also do wonders for your personal one as well if applied properly.

What not to do when asking for a promotion?

One of the best ways to know about the promotion is to ask for it simply. But make sure you do not end up committing any of the below-mentioned mistakes when asking for a promotion.

Do not compare

You need not compare yourself with anyone. Do not just barge in and tell your superiors that you deserve the promotion because of any of the lame excuses that end up being against your colleagues. You need to understand that you are in a race with yourself, not with anyone else. Making comparisons with people will simply come out as unprofessional and will only end up reducing your chances of getting the promotion. Also, this will be seen as critical for both your boss's decision and person who is in charge of helping them make the promotion decision.

Do not think that good relations with the boss are all you need

You need to be clever enough not to think that maintain a good relationship with your boss is going to help you get the promotion and it is all that you need. We do not disagree that it might help, but there is more to the picture as well. Your boss will surely need a concrete justification for why you are worthy of the promotion and just saying, "I like him/her" won't help in any case. That is why you also need to focus on your work and show some amazing results there as well.

Do not be ignorant about the state of the business

Being in the company, you must have a present idea state of the business and must ask accordingly. You need to understand that timing matters a lot. The worst time that you can think of asking for a promotion is after any layoffs, or after you just had any compelling case related to the business.  At this time, it is better to work on the setbacks rather than to ask for the promotion. Having knowledge of the business state is not only a quality that will get you promoted, but it is also going to help you in framing the business cases.

Do not get emotional

You need not involve and express your emotions everywhere. There are cases that your boss will not agree on giving you the promotion. You need to behave strongly in these types of scenarios rather than just acting all emotional. This might happen when you believe that you deserve something, and you do not get it. But make sure to handle your emotions when you are alone, not in front of the people or your boss. This will not only represent you as unprofessional but will also damage the relationship or bond you share with your boss.

Final words

You need to properly understand that promotion only comes to those who are ready to work for it and are also able to ask for it. Wanting them is just never going to be enough; you need to be smart to have to get it. The best way this can happen is to act smart and promotable. The tips mentioned in the article will surely help you out in the same. It can sometimes be awkward to ask your boss for the promotion directly, but you need to pick yourself up and just pop the question. After all, your career depends on it.