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> Jobs in Germany for specialists with IT-degrees - easy!

It is not so difficult to move legally to Germany for work if you have a degree in information technology. The best way is to find a suitable IT-job and to obtain a residence and work permit, which is called in German Blaue Karte. This residence permit is intended for non-EU professionals. 

Requirements for obtaining Blaue Karte:
  • recognized degree. You can find out whether your degree is recognized in Germany on the official foreign education portal anabin.
  • a job contract from a German company. The contract must specify the amount of the salary. In March 2019, it should be at least 41.808 € per year for IT professionals.
More information about Blaue Karte can be found on the official website of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

Required language skills
Many companies in Germany prefer English as a working language, thereby hiring an international team and entering the world market.  
If you speak English at the level that you can confidently complete an introductory and technical interview, then you do not have a reason to concern - your language skills are sufficient for work. The same applies to the German language if you are submitting a resume to a company that requires knowledge of German.

The processing of your resume
After submitting your resume for a job, you should be patient until you receive any response from recruiters: an invitation to an interview or a refusal. More than a thousand resumes from candidates can be submitted for one vacancy. Therefore, HR specialists need time to process all incoming CVs.

Bonuses from the employer
The employer is obliged to fully compensate you for the costs of the tickets if you are invited to a personal interview.
Also, some companies offer a special bonus from their employees. After both parties have signed the work contract, you might be guaranteed to get a certain amount of money to organize your move. The amount and methods of payment depend on the company.
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