Ergebnisse für Berlin

    About Berlin

    With 3,748 million inhabitants, Berlin is the biggest city in Germany. Berlin is also the capital of Germany. The city has several outstanding universities such as TU-Berlin. In the last years, Berlin has positioned itself as a tech startup hub where many tech startups were founded (e.g., Zalando, Delivery Hero, etc). Currently, the city offers thousands of job offers including but not limited to IT, Data Science, Engineering, etc.

    Tesla has announced that Berlin will be the location in Europe to build Gigafactory where the factory will be responsible for building batteries and model Y tesla car.

    Berlin is a place where people come to live a healthy and sweet life. But, getting a decent job in Berlin is not an easy task. You need to take care of a few things to fetch a good job in Berlin even when you are overqualified for the job you are applying to. In this article, you will get to know what to do and where to find jobs in Berlin. So, let's get started!

    Learn and Master German if you are looking to get a decent job. Not knowing German might negatively impact on your career and salary. You could get a job but not a good salary if you do not know German. There are so many overqualified foreigners applying for jobs, but to get a position of responsibility, you need to have the knowledge to communicate in German so that you can handle the work properly. Key decision-makers in almost all Berlin companies speak German and they would prefer to have a person knowing German to make decisions at lower levels.

    How much you should get paid?
    Never sell yourself for less than what you deserve. Negotiate salary according to your skills and you will get what you deserve. Here is a list of average salaries that are decent to have if you are willing to work in Berlin. Average salary in Berlin varies according to the industries like: IT- 51,253 Euro, Sales- 46,047 Euro, Finance & Controlling- 48,942 Euro, Care & Therapy- 29,823 Euro, Purchase & Logistics- 43,648 Euro, Engineers & technical- 49,743 Euro, Marketing- 42,943 Euro, HR- 42,641 Euro, Medical professions- 57,756 Euro, Average of all- 42,848. 

    If you have over 2 years of work experience in Germany and your employer is asking you to negotiate a salary way below the values stated above, then you need to reconsider working for them as it won't be fair enough for you to work way below-average values. 

    Since the city's economy is largely driven by startups, you can understand why people are getting paid less in comparison to other cities in the country. Having such an amazing startup scenario increases chances for freshers to learn a lot. The experience gained in a startup helps a lot throughout your career.

    In case you are applying for relatively junior positions, these are the average salaries in Berlin that you should get: IT- 41,948 Euro, Sales- 33,830 Euro, Finance & Controlling- 37,339 Euro, Purchasing & Logistics- 43,447 Euro, Engineering & Technical  jobs- 41,946 Euro, Marketing- 31,136 Euro, HR- 34,239 Euro, Average of all- 37,731 Euro. 
    The above values are to be kept in mind by the freshers or a job seeker having experience of fewer than 2 years.

    Berlin has a great startup scenario, it is good to go and learn a lot by working with startups in Berlin. You can get paid good according to your profession if you have knowledge of German. can help you to find the best job according to your skills You can get a job without knowing German too, but it negatively impacts your career. Keep in mind some statistics as you look for a job and live a decent life in Berlin.